Frederic Belinsky

One of the most emotional French guitarists, virtuoso musician, brilliant representative of Gypsy Jazz!

«Gypsy Jazz - it’s life in spirit of freedom”. This is how the fans de-scribe this incredible style of music and among them you can find celebrities such the legendary Madonna, the charismatic Antonio Banderas, the famous Woody Allen, and the exotic Shakira. They are all frequent participants and organizers of prestigious shows and festivals dedicated to the Gypsy Jazz.

The Master of sparkling improvisation, Frederic Belinsky, is considered to be one of the best Gypsy jazz guitarists of his generation. “He is a virtuoso with a unique style and his music transports you in a world full of emotions and passion” (Jazz Magazine). A brilliant technique and a sensibility for new harmonies with personal touch define his performance . Frederic is the a honorary guest of many European jazz summits, concerts and festivals «The most popular guitarist of the Champs Elysees» was not only applauded by stars of the French show-biz Alain Delon, Macha Meril, Michel Jonas and Pierre Cardin…, but he has also played for the French President Nicolas Sarkozy, the ex-President of USSR Mikael Gorbachev, the king of Morocco Mohamed VI, and the prince of Monaco Аlbert...

Laureate and medalist of the World Championship of Performing Arts—Worldstars Olympics (Hollywood, USA) Frederic Belinsky has the power to instill a new life in any melody he plays — would it be a Bach's fugue or the “Dark Eyes”, a Jewish ballad or a jazz standard. Guitarist, arranger, and songwriter, he worked with the greatest soloists, big-bands, and orchestras He never interprets the same piece the same way and has that unique talent to surprise and to move his public every time and everywhere he plays.

Frederic Belinsky on the web (video): (International Moscow Cinema Ceremony (1 tv channel)) (Bossa Dorado) (Smile)

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