Sound and lights check-up
The Organizer before our arrival must install the sound and lights equipment. You have to envisage then, 15 minutes for the sound equipment check-up, then 45 min of balance that will be followed by 1 hour rest and catering for the musicians.
The organizer has to provide 1 confirmed sound manager (if our manager is not included in the contract) and 1 confirmed light manager (we don’t have a precise lights chart).

ORGANIZER will necessary provide:
Catering in the artist’s place: mineral water, coffee, coca-cola or pepsi, ham, sausage, biscuits, bread, cheese...available from the artists arrival.
The system must be installed and tested before our arrival.

The frontage system has to be professional  (Eaw, DB, Nexo, Meyer, C.Heil, JBL, Martin Audio...)
The level adapted to the capacity of the hall and has to deliver a clear sound without distortion and on the totality of the hall.
Minimum 8 entries with an EQ 4 bands parametric or semi-parametric per section
4 auxiliaries commutable pre/post (standard come SOUNDCRAFT or delta or YAMAHA 02R or 01V or YAMAHA M2000 or equivalent)
1 Equalizer on the frontage, stereophony 31 bands (BSS, Apex, Klark Technik or equivalent).
1 CD Reader
1 EQ 31 stereo bands on the exits of the sound returns (BSS, Apex, KlarkTechnik or equivalent)
1 Reverb Lexicon PCM 70/80/90 or TC M2000/3000 or 1 Multi effects Yamaha SPX 990
2 separate mix
3 identical RETURNS type: C.Heil MTD112 or Nexo PS10 or APG DS1R or equivalent
3 static professional standard quality micros NEUMANN KM 184 or SHURE KSM 137 or AKG C414 or SENNHEISER MKH40 or AKG C535.
3 small KM micro feet, all micro wiring and useful HP
2 chairs for guitarists